Tuesday, April 12, 2011

while I was out

More than a month ago, Nina and I placed yet another joint order to Urban Outfitters. We were certain that the package would arrive while I was in Europe and so knowingly set the shipping address to her home. She was kind enough hold onto my items until I came back, so just a public 'thank you' to her! Nina purchased this lovely, "one line a day" five year journal and a zip up cardigan, which by the way was $8! $8! Is that not amazing? I'm surprised it's still in stock too. Anywho, these are the few things that I bought:

I bought this lace catchall dish for only $2.99. It's great to have sitting in your room. I sure need something to dump all my trinkets and knick knacks in, might as well make it look nice. As you can see below I've put a handful of guitar picks in there, a couple nail polishes, rings, buttons, and a bracelet. But it's not just limited to that. You can put anything in it really, like your keys, spools of thread, jewellery, make-up, yogurt, a hamster, miniature gnomes, fountain pen refills, nachos, bus transfers, marbles. Anything really. It's quite handy.

I adore the limited edition domos. This darling is going right on my dresser top.

This book had to be the most anticipated item of the bunch. I'm so happy to finally receive my copy of My Milk Toof. Soon after writing this post I placed the order. The book is everything I expected and more! It broke my heart a little to open it up and hear the spine of the book crack. Without giving away too much, here are a few snapshots from the book. The book is an adorable collection of stories and adventures, some of which you can check out on the blog here! ickle and Lardee will definitely put a smile on your face.