Monday, November 8, 2010

children's section

I am sixteen going on seventeen and yet I am still shopping in the children's section. Okay, I don't shop exclusively to the children's section or anything — or to just any children's section for the matter. But one children's section I have recently grown a liking for is the one at Gap. I've been a "Gap kid" for most of my life. By "Gap kid" I mean, my parents buying me clothing from Gap for my entire childhood and then some. I wore Gap all the time, and my friends can confirm this. Now, many years later, I am back in there. I just love Gap. They're a great combination of stylish and good quality clothing.

Now enough about that. What did I buy?

On a recent trip to the Gap, I was looking to spend my treasured 40% off coupon. I picked up the mustard cardigan I'd been eyeing weeks before and clutched it in my hands as if someone was going to take it from me. I was dead set on buying this. My mum, who had tagged along, mentioned that we should start looking for Christmas gifts for the tikes in my family so we head to the children's section. Rumaging through the sale items, I found this adorable little dress. It's pretty sophisticated for a kid in my opinion but perfect for me. My mum being completely doubtful said it wouldn't fit me but she was wrong! My smallness has finally come in handy and I can fit into a kid's size 12 comfortably. I ended up getting both the cardigan and the dress. Oh, and also a tunnel scarf from H&M later. This, by the way, all done in a mere one hour shopping trip. Not too shabby.

Just recently I spotted an adorable faux fur vest in the Gap kids window. For sizes that fit and less on tax, why not go for the children's section? This vest is now on my wishlist.

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