Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hector in the sky with diamonds.

Oh, hello there internet. I am delighted to introduce to you Hector. He's a little sweetie pie from — well I'm not sure where he's from. I can't recall whether I picked him up in Hong Kong or Malaysia but he is definitely from either of their airports. It was just this February that I was visiting Malaysia and it was also nearing Valentine's day. I hadn't the slightest clue what to get my sweetheart knowingly arriving back in Toronto two days before Valentine's. But it was when I stopped by a toy store to pick up souvenirs that I spotted this adorable creature. '
Dooodolls' they call them. They're odd little, collectible plushies, each with their own personality. My favourite was Hector, although his name wasn't Hector at the time. It's original and company given name was Cupido. A little part of me wanted to keep him for myself but Hector still visits every now and then. (Yes, I speak of him as if he's a real person)

I had this little photoshoot with Hector on the day I was fixing my friend's bracelet. My poor workmanship led the knot of the bracelet to come loose and so while it was hanging around my house I snapped a few pictures of it.

These photos remind me of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by The Beatles, except Hector is Lucy? I don't know. But I do know this is one of my favourite Beatle songs, though I have many favourites. Have a listen!

Also, my birthday was last friday and I have failed to blog about it on the day of or even near it. I'm a terrible blogger. But expect a post about it soon!

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