Saturday, November 13, 2010

feelin' golden.

This summer I dug up my mother's little treasure box to find jewellery I didn't even know I owned. The box was old, wooden, and just charming with a faint drawing of a sailboat on the front. Inside were little trinkets of gold, Malaysian gold that is. It's much more yellow than any gold you find here. An even smaller box inside this one seperated my belongings from the bunch. In it was small charms, a gold chain, tiny rings, and a little cross I used to wear when I was younger. The things that drew my attention the most were four heart charms. One had curves like a seashell, another with a frilly edge, and the last two were entirely smooth and in different sizes. They all kind of warm my heart. To think that an aunt, a grandmother, and even a great grandmother bought these things for me when I was just a baby. I took a handful of pictures while the sun was shimmering on them. I think the whole set just has a nice, warm feel.

Gold, sparkly bokeh!

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