Wednesday, November 3, 2010

art lovin' today.

Friday, October 29th was the 11th annual Toronto International Art Fair and my second year attending. It significantly topped last year or perhaps I just developed a better liking for all of this. After four hours there, I still hadn't seen everything and I really wish I had! There were probably some great pieces I missed but it's never safe for a small girl like me to be venturing around the streets at night trying to get home. If there isn't a two day pass, they should make one. All of it can really be soaked up that way. Of the things I did see though, they were amazing. There were really intricate, complex pieces and other less elaborate ones but beautiful in their simplicity. It was really wonderful to see art by up and coming artists. Much of their work was really impressive. I will definitely be going back again next year. Hopefully this will stick as a new tradition. So please enjoy some photos of my favourite pieces.

You can see the reflection of him painting it!


I love this as a photo.

So clever.

For more info, check out the TIAF website.

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