Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hello there lovelies. Here's an outfit post for you guys, which I don't normally do since I'm too self-conscious to display the lowly clothes I own. But here it is anyway. I don't know about you but I really like this. I don't know if yellow and pink go together but oh well. They do in my world! I just think this dress is so wonderful. It's cute and frilly and it makes me feel like such a girl. For the first time, I wore a dress to school which I thought would be too dressy but apparently not. This outfit would go perfectly with the Rocketdog boots I have yet to own. I'm hoping and praying I have them soon.

Dress - H&M, Cardigan - Gap, Twill & Leather Satchel - Gap.

If you don't super analyze photos and haven't already noticed, I have an awful cut on my left hand index finger. Awful because it limits me to using one hand to shower. Now usually people get cuts by working with sharp tools or scraping themselves on pavement or perhaps even by paper! But me, well I get cuts by opening doors. Somehow I had opened the door in such a way that the back of my finger was mangled by the metal handle. Looking back on it, I really can't explain how it even occured. I even returned to that very same door to figure out possible causes but I am still stumped. I'd have to have had my left arm over my stomach and pushed a door that opens to the left with my right hand crossing over. I must have been horribly contorted and not have even known. But anyway, I have accepted my disfigured finger and dressed it up with the face of Pac-Man. And I must not forget Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde! These adorable bandages were the outcome of the Fredflare gift card I spent, courtesy of Hazel. You can purchase these cuties here. It only comes with fifteen bandages (five of each design) but I was lucky enough to score an extra due to some mishap at the factory, I assume. Even with this massive bonus, I still use them sparingly since I don't think I'll be ordering anymore bandages over the internet.

P.S. I just made a bloglovin' account so please follow me! I made a sloppy widget in the corner but I promise I will fix it soon.

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