Friday, November 5, 2010

my wishlist: random edition

Okay, so maybe this isn't the "random edition" but more of "my wishlist: the luxuries—part two". But that would be a pretty long title and take up space I am not willing to give, so "random edition" it is. The name is fitting since some of the things on here are pretty random and I don't expect to get certain items because they are ridiculously expensive. I just wanted to show you some of the cute, little things I came across. Some of these items are only available online, which makes them even more unattainable. This wishlist should be called "longshot". Anyway, there is a couple not so crazy items so please stay tuned. The wishlists should be coming to an end now. I'll save some of my wishing for Christmas.

Urban Outfitters Owl Pin; I love owls as much as I love elephants. This little guy is so cute. I kind of want a collection of brooches to pin to all my clothes. It'd make everything more fun.

Talula Lace Blouse; I adore this. Still looking for the perfect lace tee.

Wish Upon Posts; from Anthropologie. My obsession with studs and posts is growing, and I want my collection to grow too.

Sweetheart Tam; from Anthropologie. I don't know if I've mentioned this before but I love winter hats! Especially ones with pom poms on the top. Almost every winter hat I've ever owned had a big pom pom on top.

Jovian Planet Top; Lately I've been liking the look of celestial things. I'm not sure why.

Great Innovator Boot; I love these oxford boots! They'll match anything.

Tiny Gorjana Initial Charm Necklace; From Urban Outfitters. I like tiny charms like this and thin necklaces. I measure cuteness with size.

Knit Picky Scarf in Yellow; Who comes up with the names on Modcloth? Oh well, I still love them. And this colour!

Modcloth& Keith Haring Water Bottle; I've been wanting a water bottle for some time now. I want to go green and why not do it in style? These water bottles are absolutely adorable and serve their purpose. I've always been a Keith Haring lover. I saw this water bottle available down at Kensington Market along with many other designs.

Mottisfont Top; Unfortunately, every link I've ever provided to Anthropologie always takes you straight to the homepage. But you can view any item I list by simply searching the name.

In-A-Nutshell Trinket Box; from Anthropologie. Just the most darling little jewellery box. Like I mentioned before, I don't have much jewellery so a small trinket box like this will do. I have lots of studs though. Do they make special jewellery holder gizmos for that?

Bright On Romper; Love the colourfulness.

El Paso Minnetonka's in Tan& Brown; Looking for a good pair of moccasins. Minnetonka's seem to be the most legitimate. They seem like they would be lovely against bare feet.

Autumn Garden Bag; from Anthropologie. I love the patterns on this. If I owned it though, I would be too scared to take it out of the house and risk getting a mark on it, as I am with most of my bags.

Bookworm Necklace; from Antropologie. It's ridiculously expensive but a piece of art! I would love to own this quirky, little piece of jewellery. Check out the other necklace by searching on their website, "Do the Strand Necklace".

A Fine Fete Necklace; Another crazy buy from Anthropologie but such a cute, nostalgic necklace. I love bunting.

This should be the end of my wishlists for a little while. So just to finish it off, here are the links to my wishlists for:

Happy hunting friends!

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