Saturday, November 13, 2010

threadsence browsing

I was just perusing through the new Threadsence Winter Lookbook and everything is so appealing. Not to mention Liz from Late Afternoon who looks stunning in every photo. Check out the rest of the lookbook here or the video lookbook here. After that, I continued to the site where I went through everything! It was hard to filter out the ones I'd put on here. If I didn't, this post would be very lengthy. So here are a few of my Threadsence top picks! I apologize for lack of personal posts but I've been doing so much browsing lately and a lot less shopping/photography. Hopefully within this week I'll an abundance of presents to share with you from my birthday, and photos to go along with it. But this is all just wishful thinking.

All this and more on the Threadsence website.

1 comment:

Teresa said...

AHHH I really love those boots, but I can't find 'em in the website :(

Nice picks :)