Thursday, December 2, 2010


A birthday post is long overdue! It's been about fourteen days since my birthday and I haven't even taken pictures of everything I received. But I'll do the best I can and perhaps post birthday pictures in parts. These series of pictures were all taken in one night, the day I received Hazel's gift! She gave me the most heart-warming present this year. On the day of my actual birthday, Hazel was gallivanting in New York. Before she left she asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted her to bring back and the one thing I asked for was a photo of Tom's Restaurant, the famous diner from Seinfeld. Now, I have the memory of a goldfish and I soon forgot what I asked for. But lovely Hazel remembered and surprised me with a print of Tom's Restaurant she had taken herself. Along with this there was an I ♥ NY mug (classic) and a disposable camera which I've been itching to buy. I was overwhelmed with happiness. This was the perfect little combination of gifts. It doesn't seem like much but it's a lot to me! The mug I use almost everyday and I've already taken quite a few pictures with the disposable camera, including some of these adorable paper-folded stars my cousin made me years ago. I hope those photos turn out as dreamy and whimsical as some of these did. With the photo above, I was going for the disposable camera photo look with the editing. I want my photos to look like that, although they probably wouldn't be as clear. Below are photos of my gifts and some from my little starry photo shoot.

I adore how clean and white this mug is. It fascinates me.

Tom's Restaurant!

You can see this very same flower in my last post but covered in dust. I cleaned!

So darling.

Visit Hazel's blog for her New York trip posts! And also, I've made a flickr account! Please have a peek at my photostream, most of which will correspond with blog posts. I'd love to hear comments and feedback but also keep in mind that I am a total amateur with an insufficient camera. Okay, now go look!