Wednesday, December 8, 2010

savour that cupcake.

Isn't that such a sweet, little handcrafted cupcake? This was from my birthday, which is coming up to almost a month ago. I share my birthday with probably thousands of people and one of them is a friend of mine. His girlfriend made these adorable cookie monster cupcakes to share with all our friends. I ate one and then insisted on saving my second to take a photo of later. Silly me, I didn't bring my camera along on my own birthday. So I carefully transported this cupcake around, trying my best to resist from eating it, placed it in my fridge and only returned to it a week later. With the weather getting colder, the sun was hiding and I refused to take a picture when the sky was being so gloomy. Finally one Saturday morning the sun was bright so once again I threw on a coat over my pajamas and ran outside to snap some photos of this cupcake in odd backdrops. The picture I chose to share was this of the cupcake sitting on the top of a small concrete wall. Ain't he cute? He's still sitting in my fridge 'til this day. I don't think I'll ever eat it, just admire it every time I open my fridge door.

Later that day, I took many photos inside including these. The one directly below is of the lovely bow stud earrings I received from my pal, Velanie. I get to cross this one of my wishlist! After taking a photo of those to share in a anticipated birthday post I continued to take more! I couldn't ignore the lighting and I just loved how gleaming gold earrings looked under that light. I decided to share a snippet of my earrings collection from the gold section.

I also received a beautiful wool coat from my parents for my birthday that I've started to wear. It's from Banana Republic and I'll link it here but I'm waiting for a snowfall to take some photos of me actually in it. Yes, I'm very specific about when and where I want to take my pictures. I just want it to be exactly how I imagined in my head and that's in the snow!