Tuesday, December 14, 2010

my wishlist: christmas edition

This seems a tad late, being only eleven days to Christmas, but perhaps there are still some stumped fellows out there. I have had many wishlists but I guess this one will be specifically to Christmas, an updated version. Although this isn't exactly Christmas themed. These are just some things I still want and some I need. There's a very small break between my birthday and Christmas and the time has slipped for me to spend my birthday money. Every year, before I know it, I've spent all my birthday money on Christmas gifts. The real shopping spree comes after Christmas is over. I'm excited for all the post-Christmas sales!

BB Dakota Dress; I'm loving the sheer skirt portion of this dress. It looks like it would be a super comfortable, casual dress. I linked the one on Fredflare but it's also available on Nastygal.

Sephora Rounded Powder Brush; In need of a large brush for face powder and blush!

Bowler Hat; This is a repeat item because I still want it very much. I saw a nice Wilfred one at Aritzia. I fit the size small/medium one!

Wilfred Woven Wool Scarf; This is a semi-repeat item, it's just in a different colour. I love both colours equally although I think this one might look better on me. It doubles as a poncho! Who could ask for anything more?

Gap Cable Knit Sweater; I've been looking for a cute, knit pullover. This would go great with my acid wash leggings from Aritzia!

Joya and Vane Solid Perfume Pendants; I think this is so neat! It's a beautiful piece of jewellery that also makes you smell wonderful. As you can see, I'm into the whole multi-purpose thing. It also comes in an oval shape and a heart shape.

Ecote Mini Crossbody Bag; Available at Urban Outfitters. This is the most adorable bag I've ever seen! I almost bought it last Saturday but it took all my willpower to say no and put my Christmas gift shopping first. It was on sale too! I will come back for you Ecote mini crossbody bag!

Threadsence Boots; I'm not even sure if these boots are still available but if they are, I want them! I've been searching for a pair of heel boots like these.

El Paso Minnetonka's; Repeat! I still want a pair of moccasins very much. I don't have any real shoes. By shoes I mean not boots. It seems all I've been doing lately is alternating between my two pairs of boots and my little, rugged school flats. In dire need of shoes!

Aerie Boxers; I adore Aerie boxers, they're undeniably cute! I recently bought one pair but resisted from buying more since it's still winter and I also already have two pairs. But the more the merrier I say! The prints on all of them are so darling, it would make me so happy to own a bunch of them. I'm also a big fan of their new holiday themed undies! They're pajama pants are sweet as well. It seems like an awful lot of money to be spending on clothes no one will ever see or you'd ever where out of the house but I don't care! Aerie makes me a happy girl.

Pins & Needles Tulle Skirt; I adore tulle! This skirt makes me feel princess-like and who wouldn't want to feel like a princess? I also think this would be a nice edition to my closet. I don't own any maxi skirts.

Katy Perry OPI Nail Polish; Okay, okay. I know her line with OPI doesn't come out until January but I'm just too excited. You can be sure that I'll be running around the mall January 1st hunting down this nail polish. My favourite of the bunch is this colour, Teenage Dream.

Cooperative Trompe L'Oeil Eyeglass Case; I actually really need this, what with me wearing glasses and all.

Cooperative Trompe L'Oeil Pencil Case; I love this quirky little pencil case by the same makers of the glasses case.

Sage Advice Tote; Very much in need of a tote for everyday use. I always find myself with one or two things extra on the odd day that I cannot fit in my backpack. I always settle for using a flimsy paper shopping bag and end up breaking it after a few uses. I'd really go for any nice tote bag but this baby is from Anthropologie.

There are some things that I need that I feel are slightly unimportant to put in an "official" wishlist like this but I thought I might mention some now. I guess you could call these the stocking stuffers if we're talking about Christmas. Here are the unmentioned:

  • Black, hardcover, binded sketchbooks.
  • Pilot fineliners! (I go through these like a mad woman.)
  • William-Sonoma Hot Chocolate—the best hot chocolate in the world, in my opinion.
  • Watercolour paper—to make cards.
  • 500 Days of Summer on DVD
  • Pattern by Orla Kiely; not exactly a stocking stuffer but still wanted.
  • Crochet needles
  • Cowboy boots!—this wouldn't fit in my stocking.
  • A domain name to myself!
  • Despicable Me on DVD
  • Talula mittens in Vanilla Ice (that's actually the colour name, I kid you not.)
  • Gift cards; Happily accepted from stores such as Aritzia, Urban Outfitters, aerie, American Apparel, Anthropologie and Starbucks and online stores such as Fredflare, Mocloth, Threadsence, and Nastygal.
  • Pre-paid Visa! I was reminded by the listing of online stores. A pre-paid visa will allow me to shop online, identity theft free! I also wouldn't have to bug anyone for their credit card.

For even more gift ideas or if you have yet to see any of my wishlist blog posts, refer to my essentials, luxuries, and random edition wishlists.