Wednesday, December 22, 2010

some holiday sparkle.

As a blogger, I think I'm lacking in holiday themed posts. There's only two days left until Christmas and this is my first! I do have a lot of pictures taken so I'll be making up for it in the next couple days. Christmas galore! I absolutely love the holidays. I love giving presents and, who am I kidding, I love getting them too! Everyone is just so happy and it makes me happy too! I recently bought some silver nail polish from aerie and it's so festive! It'll be my holiday/party nails look. Their nail polish was originally 2 for $7 but as of last week they've been marked down to $2.99 a pop! I already have two bottles but I think I'll be going back for more. How often do you come across a good sparkley, silver nail polish? The same nail polish comes in rich red, royal blue, and bronze. All of which are sparkley! Speaking of nail polish, I'm really excited for the new Katy Perry colours with OPI. I've got my eyes on the Teenage Dream colour.

First wrapped gift! I love last year's IKEA reversible wrapping paper!

Silly me. I went outside to take photos of the almost fake looking snow outside my front door and decided it would be a good idea to pick up snow and take photos of that. I ended up freezing my fingers and my hand was bitter cold for about an hour. I know there isn't much snow on my fingers in this photo but I did pick up more snow after that. Mistake. On the brightside, these photos turned out really nice and icy. The photo below is of the bush in my front yard that used to be dying but has made a miraculous recovery. It looks quite Christmasy what with all the fluffy snow! Hope everyone's having a wonderful holiday! Happy Christmas Eve's Eve.