Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last Friday was the last day of school and what a wonderful day it was. It was fun and full of little surprises! I was expecting one Christmas gift but I received two more! I haven't taken pictures of all of them yet but I will soon. First I shall talk about my visit to Chapters later that afternoon. I was originally going there to pick up a book to read for school but that's just one excuse to be there. I love going to Chapters! The feel is just nice and I love how people are strewed out all about the store reading. I always wonder if this should really be allowed though. I could just pay multiple visits to Chapters and finish a book I never bought. Then again, they do put seats in every corner of the store. There's also a Starbucks located right across the room, known for their loungy atmosphere. I'm kind of getting the feeling they want us to loiter there. Anyway, I got what I came for but had to pass up many books that caught my eye. I did get some ribbon though! You may not be as excited about this as I am but they were darling colours and 30% off! Ribbons make me very happy, I have a collection budding in my dresser drawer. One day I will be Monica Geller.

My favourite section!

I was playing around with this photo on photoshop and I loved how it looked as a blurred background with white text. Although I had a lot of trouble with deciding what word to put there. I settled for 'chapters' being that that's where I took the picture but I feel I could still do better. Any ideas? This could very well be a draft for a Chapters ad.